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  1. MisterModzZ

    Mister//ModzZ V2 Updated to 1.64

    The Mister//ModzZ v2 mod menu finally got updated to work after the GTA 5 update 1.64. Follow this installation tutorial step by step!! DOWNLOAD:
  2. MisterModzZ

    Mod Menu Updates

    - Updated the Spectral mod menu to the latest verison - Updated the Sysec mod menu to the latest version - Updated the Maverick free external mod menu to the latest version - Added the...
  3. MisterModzZ

    Cant reload terror.

    thats normal you can only download it from my website and if you want to add more injections you have to got through linkvertise after every 2 injections
  4. MisterModzZ

    Gtav 1.57 Decompiled Scripts

    Here are ALL the decompiled Scripts from Gtav 1.57 Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE Tags: Gtav 1.57 Decompiled Scripts, All decompiled Scripts, Gtav coading, gtav source code, gtav scripting
  5. MisterModzZ

    Gtav 1.58 All Decompiled Scripts

    Here you can Download ALL Decompiled Scripts after 1.58 for GTAV! DOWNLOAD HERE Tags: Gtav Developing, Gtav modding, gtav mods dev, gtav decompiled scripts gtav decompile scripts, gtav scripts, gtav 1.58 scripts, gtav freemode.c,
  6. MisterModzZ

    GTAV Updated 1.58 Crossmapping

    Here you can Download the Crossmapping to update your Gtav Mod Menu to work after 1.58!! PRESS HERE FOR CROSSMAPPING or Download the txt file Tags (please just ignore): Crossmapping.cpp, Coading, Gtav corssmapp, Gtav Crossmapping, Gtav mod menu update, How to update Gtav mod menus,
  7. MisterModzZ

    Gtav 1.52 / 1.53 Crossmapping

    Hre you can Download the latest Complete and working Crossmapping for your Mod Menus: Download: Tags(ignore this) Gtav 1.53 Crossmapping Grav 1.52 Crossmapping Crossmaping.cpp 1.53 Gtav Crosstable Gtav Mod Menu Update 1.53 Gtav Crossmap 1.53...
  8. MisterModzZ

    Updated Decompiled 1.53/1.54 Scripts

    Download them here: Tags (ignore this pls): Gtav 1.53 Decompiled Scripts Gtav 1.54 Scripts Gtav 1.53 Scripts Gtav Decompiled Scripts 1.54 Gtav CayoPerico scripts
  9. MisterModzZ

    GtaV Crossmapp Updater Tool

    1) You need to prepare your old crossmap like this syntax: (Notepad++) Code: 0x0000000000000000=0x0000000000000000 2) You need to prepare the crosstable like this syntax: (Notepad++) Code: 0x0000000000000000|0x0000000000000000 3) Insert these two files (crossmap.txt and crosstable.txt) in...
  10. MisterModzZ

    Updated 1.52 Crossmap

    Here you can Download the Updated Corssmap to Update your Mod Menu to work after 1.5 DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. MisterModzZ

    GtaV 1.51 All new Decompiled Scripts

    DOWNLOAD THE DECOMPILED SCRIPTS HERE #Tags ( ignore this) Gtav all new Decompiled Scripts Source code Gtav all Decompiled Scripts
  12. MisterModzZ

    Download the latest Version of the Terror Menu

  13. MisterModzZ

    Some Useful Offsets

    If you have some more Offsets that you could share with us just Post them and i will add them.
  14. MisterModzZ

    Some Useful Offsets

    //offset from WORLD #define OFFSET_PLAYER 0x08 //playerbase //entity offsets #define OFFSET_ENTITY_POSBASE 0x30 //base of a structure that contains entity coords #define OFFSET_ENTITY_POSBASE_POS 0x50 //vector3 #define...
  15. MisterModzZ

    GtaV Script Decompiling Programm

    Here you can Download a Programm by Master whitch can Decompile all GtaV scripts like the Freemode.ysc. The Download includes the Source Code of this Programm. DOWNLOAD PROGRAMM Picture of the Programm: Tags ( Ignore this). GtaV Online Decompile Scripts How to Decompile gtav Scripts Gtav...